Welcome to Rock Chalk Central

We are so happy to introduce our new product, Rock Chalk Central!

As a registered student organization you will have access to many amazing functionalities that have not been available before, including the following:

  • Assessment capabilities
  • Attendance tracking for events
  • Co-curricular involvement record for students
  • Document storage
  • Easy template management to create your group’s website
  • Elections for your group
  • Email/text messaging features
  • Form building (applications, scholarships, surveys, awards, etc.)
  • Interactive calendaring for KU events
  • Links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Blogs, etc.
  • Polling questions
  • Publicity for events,
  • Registration process for your student group,
  • Roster capabilities


Check out this 5 minute video for an introduction: http://support.collegiatelink.net/entries/20638202-Manage-Your-Organization-Page-video-

Posted by Tracey Martin on June 5, 2013