Parent Organization: Student Involvement & Leadership Center

A few years ago a group of dedicated students re-founded the USGBC organization at the University of Kansas. Over fifty eager students attended the first meeting, ready to jump on board with a sustainable, LEED focused mission. Since reestablishment in 2012, the KU Chapter of USGBC has partnered with Engineers without Borders to volunteer in the restoration effort of New Orleans as well as partaking in both the Laugh-O-Gram Studio Competition and the Rocky Mountain Design Institute Superefficient House Competition. Locally, the Kansas Chapter has worked on projects within the Lawrence community along with aiding Historic Green in their attempt to revive downtown Kansas City.

During the upcoming school year, the Kansas Chapter is planning to participate in USGBC’s Green Apple Day of Service, volunteer at Greenbuild 2014, and continue our restoration efforts with Historic Green in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans. To support USGBC’s Green Apple Day of Service, student members will visit a local elementary school to conduct an energy audit of the facility. The energy audit will include evaluation of lighting, motors, air conditioning units, and control systems. Following, a formal report will be generated stating multiple recommendations in order to achieve energy and cost savings within the school.

The KU Chapter of USGBC is also planning to take eight students to the 2014 Greenbuild Conference in downtown New Orleans. Greenbuild is the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to green building design and sustainable construction. The conference features inspiring speakers, valuable networking opportunities, industry showcases, and numerous LEED workshops. Students will find themselves equipped to return to their schooling, internships, and professional careers with a renewed passion and purpose for sustainable design.

 Lastly, over spring break USGBC plans to once again travel to New Orleans to assist the reconstruction effort that began after Hurricane Katrina. The organization will work to help rebuild the Lower Ninth Ward and create the country’s first zero-carbon community. Our volunteers will have the opportunity to work in many different aspects of sustainable construction, including deconstruction, construction of LEED-Platinum Certified buildings, gardens, restoration of historic homes, community playgrounds, and bayous. The KU Student Chapter plans to send over ten students ready to provide aid to the community, while at the same time, eager to acquire knowledge of the ends and outs of sustainable practices.

Address Eaton Hall
1520 West 15th Street
Lawrence, KS 66045
United States