Parent Organization: Student Involvement & Leadership Center

Kendo is a modern martial art of fencing, the Japanese equivalent of Korean Kumdo. The name means "the way of the sword," using the same Chinese characters. Kendo/Kumdo pursues one’s perfect harmony of inner strength (“Ki”), absolute and unbounded swing of the sword (“Kum”), and use of lower back and body (“Chae”). The primary purpose of Kendo/Kumdo is not self-defense, but the development of discipline and self-control. The spiritual maturity combined with strength and speed-this is the essence of Kendo/Kumdo. A typical practice session consists of warm-up calisthenics, footwork and swinging practice, basic striking technique with partners, and sparring practice. We have practices on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 pm in the Martial Art Room, and an optional practice on Saturday at noon in the Martial Art Room.


Address KU Recreation Services, ASRFC
1740 Watkins Center Dr
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