Parent Organization: Student Involvement & Leadership Center

KK Amini was built due to a generous gift by the late Koli K. Amini. The building was dedicated in 1992 and standed alone in awesome beauty until 2000 when KK Amini was ajoined with Margret Amini, to form the amazing Amini complex. The residents of KK are diverse and have housed many different majors ranging from Math and Engineering to Film studies and Linguistics. KK residents are involved in many different commnity and campus organizations such as New Church, Jayhawks Motor Sports, The Marching Jayhawks, Younglife, Swing Society and KJHK. KK proudly hosts two big events every year, Romp in the Hay in the Fall and usually a dance or the Amini Weenie Roast in the Spring.

Address 1318 Louisiana st
Lawrence, KS 66044
Phone Number P:(913) 549-8038