Parent Organization: University of Kansas

Camp Kesem KU will be working to put on a yearly, week-long summer camp for children whose parents have or had cancer starting in the summer of 2016. With support from Camp Kesem's national headquarters, we will be selecting Committee members and camp counselors to run camp as well as making extensive community connections, researching campsites, and fundraising year-round to make Camp happen. 

Approximately 3 million kids in the United States have a parent affected by cancer. The kids that Camp Kesem serves go through something that no child should ever have to as they watch their parent battle a terrible disease. These kids' lives are often filled with fear and sadness, and Camp Kesem provides a week long escape full of fun, silliness, and joy. 

Kesem shows kids that there are other kids and college students who have gone through what they are going through, and provides a community of positive, uplifting people, resulting in friendships and support systems that last year-round. Camp Kesem student leaders and staff do not step back once camp is over. We organize run reunions and socials year round, schedule visits, dinners and care packages if a parent passes away, and makes sure that Camp Kesem is a full time community of support that kids and families can always turn to.

Kesem means "magic" in Hebrew, and camp truly is magical. Camp Kesem changes lives, and adds something truly irreplaceable, invaluable and magical to every single person's life it touches- camper, parent, community supporter and counselor alike.

Phone Number P:(470) 309-2558