Parent Organization: University of Kansas

The purpose of SAFE is to promote financial literacy among University of Kansas students. Learning financial education basics now will not only help students deal with college expenses today, but it will prepare them for future financial success once they leave the university.

Safe is a campus organization that engages students in how to manage their finances and have fun doing it. Joining SAFE will teach you what you need to know to become financially independent by attending monthly meetings and playing relevant fun games, as well as give you a chance to meet other students who also have the same interest. SAFE gives members a chance to boost their resume by joining a club that teaches you valuable life skills.

During our meetings we will discuss different topics such as

  • Budgeting & Financial Planning
  • Dealing with debit & credit cards
  • Mixing money and family Protecting your credit and identity theft
  • Setting financial goals
  • Saving money
  • Planning to be rich
  • Understanding financial aid Scholarship Information
  • Buying or leasing
  • And much, much more
Address Lawrence, KS 66045
United States
Phone Number P:(785) 200-4230