NSBE National Convention

It's the annual NSBE National convention and it will be from March 29th to April 2nd in Kansas City, Missouri.

Logo for 2017 NSBE National Convention

There are many activities going on during the convention including workshops, presentations, and a huge career fair.

Agenda Link:



Steps to register for Nationals:

  1. ​Click on this link to get to registration: https://connect.nsbe.org/Meetings/Meeting.aspx?ID=3462 
  2. At the bottom of this page click register now tab
  3. Either log in to your NSBE account or click  Create New Account
  4. Make sure you're registered as a collegiate national member, which you have to pay $15 for on the website first in order to register for the convention.
  5. Once you're logged on and registered as a national member as well, scroll over the My Activities tab and click the Register for an Event tab
  6. Then on the next page should be under meetings the NSBE 43rd Annual Convention 2017 
  7. Then at the bottom of the next page after you click on the title previously mentioned, click the register button.

Posted by Ebony Nelson on January 23, 2017