Parent Organization: University of Kansas

What is the ACLU?
The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is a group of attorneys and citizens who fight back when the
government violates our constitutional rights.

What is KU ACLU?
KU ACLU is the newly formed student chapter of the ACLU at the University of Kansas dedicated to acting
as a voice for KU students who believe in protecting the civil rights of all those in our community.

What is KU ACLU’s purpose?
KU ACLU’s purpose is to promote membership in the ACLU, engage in activism that supports the causes of
the ACLU, and advocate for individuals whose constitutional rights and civil liberties have been violated.

What causes does the KU ACLU support?
KU ACLU supports causes such as voting rights, LGBTQ+ rights, immigrants’ rights, reproductive freedom,
the First Amendment’s free speech and and free press rights, racial justice, and religious liberty. KU ACLU
is committed to taking action to protect our most important constitutional rights and freedoms.

Why should you join the KU ACLU?
If you are concerned about the government’s recent attacks on our basic freedoms and the freedoms of our
fellow students, then this is the club for you. As a KU ACLU member, you can be as active as you wish, and
you chose which cause or causes for which you want to fight.

What would I be doing as a KU ACLU member?
As a KU ACLU member, you will meet on a regular basis with other members and a faculty advisor to
obtain accurate information about pressing constitutional issue(s); formulate effective action items; mobilize
together to attend or protests events; engage in activities to increase ACLU membership and awareness; and
alert KU ACLU if you believe that a KU student is being denied his or her constitutional rights. Joining the
KU ACLU is a terrific way to meet like-minded students who want to make a difference!

Address 1654 Naismith Dr
Lawrence, KS 66045
United States