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(Pro)Social is dedicated to providing social and professional support to University of Kansas students. These goals will be realized via presentations, open discussions, group outings, and other activities.


{Spark} is an organization dedicated to inspiring, educating, and exposing K-12 students to the wonders of technology.

AbleHawks and Allies (AbleHawks, A&A)

The purpose of AbleHawks & Allies is to raise awareness of accessibility barriers, to promote progressive change, and to create a campus community where students, faculty, staff and visitors with disabilities have equal access.

Acoustical Society of America (ASA KU)

The purposes of this chapter are to stimulate interest in acoustics, encourage acoustical research, diffuse the knowledge of acoustics, & promote its practical applications.

Active Minds at KU

Active Minds is the only organization working to utilize the student voice to change the conversation about mental health on college campuses by developing and supporting chapters of a student-run mental health awareness, education, and advocacy group.

Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF)

To show forth the glory and the riches of the grace of Christ. To share the gospel and characteristics of Christ with the world that all may behold His love and beauty.

Adventure Club

The adventure club is designed to bring together any students who are interested in outdoor activities (hiking, camping, kayaking, etc.) and exploring other awesome opportunities we have (museums, concerts, etc.) in and around Lawrence.

AERA Division G Graduate Student Campus Liaisons at the University of Kansas (AERA Div G Grad Students at KU)

Division G campus liaisons support the goal and mission of the Division G Graduate Student Committee.

African Drum Ensemble at KU (ADEKU)

ADEKU provides a venue for the KU students and the Lawrence community to create African music and dance, and an outlet for African culture at KU.

African Students Association (ASA)

We strive to fight ignorance and cultivate a greater appreciation for African culture and traditions for all KU students and interested members of the Lawrence community. We organize and participate in social, cultural & community service and outreach.

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